The world of Aegis is full of magick and adventure, but friends Mazik, Gavi, and Raedren have a more mundane problem—they hate their jobs. Frustrated with wasting their lives, the three friends decide to do something crazy—become monster-slaying adventurers. To make a name for themselves, they set their eyes on a difficult quest: stopping a group of kidnappers who have been terrorizing their city for months. But when the kidnappers turn out to be acolytes of a power-hungry god, the three friends soon find themselves in over their heads. That’s an adventure they relish. After all, it’s better to risk uncertainty and death now, than to accept mediocrity and die without ever having lived.

Wage Slave Rebellion combines the lightness and humor of Terry Pratchett, the fantasy adventure of The Hobbit, and the pulse-pounding combat of a Marvel action movie. It’s medieval sword & sorcery meets urban fantasy, in a tale about refusing to accept limits and living life to its fullest—no matter what anyone else has to say.

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Stephen W. Gee WWBD (small)

Stephen W. Gee is a fantasy author, anime blogger, craft beer lover, and exceedingly tall man. He writes sword & sorcery adventures with a modern twist. His first book, Wage Slave Rebellion, was published in December of 2014. There will be more where it came from.

He hails from the great land of Texas, where everything is bigger, including the authors. In addition to this site, he prattles on about anime at, under the pen name Stilts.


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