Amazon Affiliate links

One of my goals as an author is to make enough money with my writing to fully support myself. I’m not there yet. That’s why I’m asking you for a little help.

At the bottom of my posts and emails, you’ll see my Amazon Affiliate link. If you click on that link and buy anything on Amazon, I get a small percentage of the sale, at no additional cost to you.

This works up to 24 hours after you click the link on the same device you make your order. You don’t have to buy my books (though that’s appreciated), or any item I personally suggest. If you’ve clicked on my link within 24 hours of when you buy, I’ll get a small percentage.

I like this because it’s voluntary, and it doesn’t cost you anything other than a little effort. Every little bit will help me focus on writing books instead of working others jobs.

As a neat trick, the link auto-detects which of the most popular Amazon stores you use (US, UK, CA, FR, DE, ES, and IT) and automatically appends my affiliate link for that region. Pretty cool, huh?

If you want to make it super easy, change your Amazon bookmark to one of the following: US, UK, CA, FR, DE, ES, IT. Then I’ll automatically get a small percentage for everything you buy after you click that link, with no additional cost or effort to you.

Thank you for bearing with me, and for being so kind.