Freelance Heroics

Life as a freelancer is hard. Doubly so when your job is kicking ass, taking names, and saving innocent lives from horrifying monsters.

It’s been a month since Mazik, Gavi, and Raedren—disaffected wage slaves turned magick-slinging adventurers—put a stop to the Cult of Amougourest and saved the city of Houk. You would think slaying a living god would be enough to make their new careers easy, with accolades all around and quests coming in without end. You would, of course, be wrong.

The guilds are rejecting them. Quest givers won’t listen to them. Their newfound fame is soon forgotten. If they’re going to get their careers off the ground, they’re going to have to work hard—and there are no big, flashy quests to help them this time.

From a high-stakes tournament and an orck invasion to a worker’s revolt and a mystery in a hidden village, follow these three friends as they travel across the continent, saving lives, vanquishing villains, and building their professional reputations. Not all adventures are glamorous, but it’s the small jobs upon which a freelancing life is built.

FREELANCE HEROICS is the sequel to WAGE SLAVE REBELLION, and Book 2 in the exciting FIRESIGN series. It’s medieval sword & sorcery meets urban high fantasy, in a series of adventures about making your own way in the world, never giving up, and searching for true love as only a hopeless romantic can.

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Available: July 26th, 2016

Edited by: Jim Thomsen, Christina Tinling, Katy Portier

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