Wage Slave Rebellion

The world of Aegis is a terrifying and fantastic place, full of magick, monsters, and gods that meddle in the lives of men. It’s a world of danger and excitement, and Mazik Kil’Raeus is . . . a door-to-door salesman.

Though a skilled spellcaster, Mazik couldn’t get a good job out of college, and now he’s stuck in a dead-end one he hates. Along with his friends, Gavi Ven’Kalil (waiter at a local bar) and Raedren Ian’Moro (apprentice healer . . . it’s not as glamorous as it sounds), Mazik is not happy with the way his life is going.

Frustrated with boring work, selfish bosses, and wasting their lives for meager pay, the three friends decide to do something crazy—they’re going to become monster-slaying adventurers. Not that it will be easy. With a consortium of powerful guilds determined to keep people like them out, they’ll have to wow everyone to make it. That’s when they set their eyes on a difficult quest: stopping a group of kidnappers who have been terrorizing their city for months.

But when the kidnappers turn out to be acolytes of a power-hungry god, the quest transforms into an explosive battle that rampages across the city. The three friends are in over their heads, and nobody expects them to come out on top.

That’s an adventure they relish. After all, it’s better to risk uncertainty and death now, than to accept mediocrity and die without ever having lived.

WAGE SLAVE REBELLION combines the fantasy adventure of The Hobbit with the pulse-pounding combat of a Marvel action movie. It’s medieval sword & sorcery meets urban high fantasy, in a tale about refusing to accept limits and living life to its fullest, no matter what anyone else has to say.

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Available: December 14th, 2014

Edited by: Jim Thomsen, Christina Tinling

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