I get it now!

April 24, 2017

I finally get it! Writers and salespeople are the same! They’re whiny, lazy, cowardly, constantly make excuses, always blame others, and are generally reprehensible! (Also, the drinking. All the drinking.)

They’re the same because writers and salespeople do the same thing: they dance with the fear. Day in and day out, the thing they do is tiptoe up to the edge and, when they can no longer put it off any longer, they jump. And once you jump, it’s easy! It was never hard in the first place! It’s only getting yourself to jump that’s difficult.

That’s what writers, and salespeople, specialize in. And you’d think doing it in both realms would make it easier, but no. It just make you twice as crazy.

Insert loony tunes music. Cut to a straight-jacket. Pan to the yawning abyss above which my sanity teeters. Fade to black. Evil laughter plays, then credits, and then back to the darkness, forever.

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By Stephen W. Gee

Author of Wage Slave Rebellion, Freelance Heroics, and about two good blog posts out of a hundred.


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    John A

    lol, nice. Great description. I think most freelance/self-employed jobs would be like that though. The hardest part is starting. That’s why I still work for “the man”.

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      Stephen W. Gee

      Not all freelance/self-employed jobs. Or, actually, I’m not sure if you’re reading it in the way I meant?

      What I was saying is that the thing that’s similar about writing and sales is not getting started the first time. It’s getting started each and every day. Every day it’s a battle to get going, because the fear never goes away. That’s not the case with, say, a freelance translation job. That might be scary to set up, but once you’ve got jobs on the books, you show up and do the work. The translating isn’t scary. It’s just getting the work.

      With sales and writing, the work is scary. Writing is scary because you’re putting yourself out there, and as for sales, I’ve even heard huge extroverts talk about how they worry about bothering clients when they go to sell to them. The fear is inherent in the gig, and a lot of the trick is in greasing the wheels so that it’s easier to start each day—but the fear doesn’t go away. Not for me, at least.

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        John A

        I get it now! (title insert spotted)

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    Does your Amazon Affiliate link work on Amazon Smile?

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      Stephen W. Gee

      I think so. Just tack the tag onto the end of the smile.amazon.com link, or use smile.amazon.com/?tag=stwge-20 or smile.amazon.com/kindle/dp/B00QVXOU88/?tag=stwge-20. Those should work, I think.

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