In it for the long haul

August 18, 2013

“People who found our KS campaign, but never heard of us, who think we pulled $135k out of thin air and want “some tips.”: It took a decade.” –Brian Clevinger

To me, there’s nothing more heartening than hearing this. Which is funny, because to most people it’s depressing. “Ten years?” they say. “That’s a long time! Isn’t there a way to do it faster?”

I hope not. True get rich schemes do not exist. The only surefire path to success is persistent, honest effort.

Some people will get lucky; that’s great for them. I don’t depend on it. I’ll take the constant, continual improvement of building an audience any day. It might not be sexy, but it works.

Ten years? That’s nothing when you’re doing something you love. I’ve only been writing publicly for a couple of years. I look forward to the next eight, and all the years beyond that. And who knows…maybe I will get lucky before that. I’m just not banking on it.

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By Stephen W. Gee

Author of Wage Slave Rebellion, Freelance Heroics, and about two good blog posts out of a hundred.

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