Novel update: editing & short stories

November 7, 2013

It’s probably about time I give you an update on that novel of mine, eh?

On the book itself, word on the street is that my editor is going to finish going over it in the next few days, which means I’ll be able to start on my third draft soon! (After I crawl up in a ball and cry for a while. Writing is nothing if not humbling). I’m super grateful he’s taking so much time to help me out. Using his feedback I’m going to tighten up the story in preparation for getting it in the hands of more proofreaders.

But I haven’t been idle in the meantime! While my first book is under the knife, I’ve been writing short stories in the same universe.

You see, I’m a big fan of long, “epic” series, so I always intended this one to span multiple novels, but I also think there’s value in shorter, non-vital “filler” or “fluff” stories – in fact, I’ve written a post about this before. Unfortunately 200+ pages is a bit much for these kinds of stories.

That’s why I’ve decided to adopt what I call the Full Metal Panic approach – creating plot-focused main novels (Season 1, The Second Raid) interspersed with more lighthearted, “episodic” short stories (Fumoffu). This allows me to have my cake and eat it to, as long as I’m willing to write more stories.

Oh my, however will I ever survive!

So that’s what I’ve been working on. I’ve already finished a draft of the first short story, and I think I’ll churn out one for the second short story before I get back to editing the novel. My goal is to have a few short stories ready to go shortly after the book itself, which means if it doesn’t suck and you all enjoy it, there will be more coming soon.

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By Stephen W. Gee

Author of Wage Slave Rebellion, Freelance Heroics, and about two good blog posts out of a hundred.


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    I can get your view on “long epic series” cause somehow I like them more as well. Especially the ones that create big world and then switch between pictures of view of at least few characters (not always in the same book or even series). And I love when the stories created that way intersect each other. You know, in a way like “There, there was my favorite character from the other story and he made something that maybe, just meybe, influenced life of someony from this one.” A little something that makes you think that the world in itself is more real and “alive”.

    I’m not following this blog from the begining so sorry if you wrote it somewhere already but could you tell something about your novel? Maybe at least genres or a tiny bit about setting? Just anything would be nice.

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      Yes! I agree totally. It’s hard to do a single long series and make it a good story, much less bridge multiple series Nasuverse-style, but it’s so worth it when it’s done well.

      I’ve been pretty tight-lipped on the contents of the novel, but may I should do a post about it sometime soon. In the meantime, I’ll say this – it’s a hard fantasy adventure filled with plenty of explosions, witty banter, action-packed excitement, and a dash of romance. There’s not much angst or fanservice though, so if you’re all about that, you’ll be a bit disappointed : )

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    Stilts, feel like releasing that short story to the scrutiny of the internet before sending it to the editor? We, collectively, will be sure to give it the greatest proof-read and criticism to be found in the literary world!

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      Ahaha, afraid I can’t. It’s set after the events of the first novel, so it wouldn’t make a whole lot of sense out of order, and would spoil several important events. Besides, I consider myself a professional, and professionals don’t release half-done work to the public. My editors and proofreaders will get the pain of the rough drafts – I’ll only inflict my best on all of you : )

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        How many words is it, by the way? I’m just asking this out of curiosity as to what you’d call a ‘short’ story, given your preference for the long and the epic.

        1. Stilts

          The first draft clocked in at 10-12K words, I think. This is compared to the second draft (current one) of the preceding novel, which is 135K words.

          Each individual story need not be long and epic, just the sum total of them. Though I hope for most or all of the novels to be pretty darn epic, if possible : )

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