Stage cleared, & off to the editors it goes

September 6, 2013

Today I finished the second draft of my book, and I just sent it off to my editors.

I’m not sure I can describe this feeling. It’s like the elation I felt when I finished the first draft, only coupled with intense trepidation. With the first draft there was only happiness and relief, relief that I had finally finished (sort of) this thing I set out to do, and that for a time at least, I could set it aside and let my mind rest. It was a victory, albeit a personal one.

This one is not. The happiness is still there, but now my work has to be put to the test. My mind is spinning with the terrible reviews I could receive, all the while knowing this (probably) won’t happen, but maybe it will! If I deserve it. I’m happy but scared, like my oldest child is heading off to their first day of school. I imagine that comparison is more apt than even I know.

I’ve worked for so long, and built up all these expectations – with my editors, my friends, with you, and most of all myself – and now I have to find out whether I’ve done a good job or not.

Wow. This is scary, but it’s also fun. This is certainly way better than my 9-5, I can tell you that.

I’m going to take a break for a little bit, but within a week or so I’ll be back to writing, because there are other stories I’ve been itching to tell while I was laboring over this one. You’ll probably hear from me before then.

We’re one step closer to all of you having the chance to read my book, with many more still to go. Soon, though. Sooner every day. I don’t intend to stop now.

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By Stephen W. Gee

Author of Wage Slave Rebellion, Freelance Heroics, and about two good blog posts out of a hundred.

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