To work, you must rest

August 6, 2013

It’s natural to want to work hard when there’s a project that’s important and difficult and potentially life-changing in front of you. And you should – just don’t discount the value of a good rest. It will help you more than you may realize.

To be clear, I’m not talking about a quick 30-minute break, though you should take those too. There’s simply no substitute for taking a few days off to just relax. Just relax. No catching up on work, no checking emails, no even thinking about what you need to do when you get back. Ignore it. Let it pile up. Recharge your batteries. You’ll be much more able (and willing) to tackle all those challenges when you’ve had some fun.

Life is too short to work all the time, just as it’s too long to never work. Balance is the key. Now if you’ll excuse me, I had a great time on my trip spending time with some amazing friends, which has left me thoroughly rested. Back to work.

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By Stephen W. Gee

Author of Wage Slave Rebellion, Freelance Heroics, and about two good blog posts out of a hundred.

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