Why social media is destroying the world

July 2, 2013

About the only social media I actually use is twitter. I like it because I can give a quick impression or reaction to something (usually, shows I’m watching) without having to think about it too much.

That’s also why I hate it.

I did an experiment a while ago. Instead of immediately blasting out tweets the second I thought of them, I wrote them down in a notepad and then went to sleep. Then the next day I got up, edited them a bit, and sent out the good ones via Buffer (highly recommended, by the way). You know what I found? (No points for guessing this one, I gave it away in the title.)

When I waited a while and then edited them, I published fewer tweets that were of higher quality. The uninteresting gut reactions and blasé statements that I’ve said a hundred times before were weeded out, and I was left with only the few comments that had some semblance of value.

This is not a screed against social media, not really. I don’t think it’s destroying the world or anything else, though that won’t stop me from inflaming passions by insinuating as much with this title (I have to have my fun!). What I’m saying is that it gives a good example of why editing is so important in generating high-quality content.

Less is more, and in a world where everything moves lightning fast, slowing down and thinking things through can be a competitive advantage. But most of all, thinking about what you’re saying and then, sometimes, not saying it can keep the good thoughts from being swallowed up in all the chaff.

Perfect is hard, and often not worth it, but “better than most” is both valuable and easily achieved. Take a little extra time to refine what you’re saying, and I think you’ll be surprised at the results.

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By Stephen W. Gee

Author of Wage Slave Rebellion, Freelance Heroics, and about two good blog posts out of a hundred.


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    I’m very OCD (or I at least think I am~) so I usually always edit/re-read my tweets before posting them.
    I really like your blog here! It’s been helping me out with my own things! Keep the posts coming! (l v l)b

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      Glad to hear it! I’ll do my best 😀

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    Kioku from Laptop

    Facebook is the devil!

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